Fire up the Fox!

Well, I’ll do what I can to spread the fox.

Don’t be shy, do not hesitate, do not fear. Firefox has come to take back the web.

What is firefox? I hear some of you yell. A browser? No… Firefox is not a browser. Firefox is the browser.

Go get it, Yoda supports it.

“Be at ease, my young padawan. The power of the fox, do not fear. Click the ad you must… Mmmhh yes, yes Indeeeeeeeeeeeeeed…”

Upgrade to Firefox 1.5!


5 comentarios en “Fire up the Fox!

  1. I live in the world. I live in the Earth, and that I was born in a piece of ground, delimited by the political rules of the fewer minority does not bound me to speak a language, or to listen to certain music, or to believe in certain gods.

    I choose my own culture, my own language, my own religion, I will not stand traditions to tell me what to believe in… (at least I’ll try.. hehe)


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