Ge Five (Becoming a Mac Geek)

Indeed, a few days back X-mas arrived to my Web Area. The power of a Mac G5 is unfolding before my bare eyes. Every passing day I become more convinced that this sweet taste of an Apple, was what my dull life lacked.

Seriously, as time goes by, I’m begining to spend more time with my G5. Think I’m falling in love… I’m already waiting for the second screen that was suposed to be part of the package, let’s see if it actually arrives some day…

I must get a camera. As soon as i rob one, I’ll post a pic of it.


3 comentarios en “Ge Five (Becoming a Mac Geek)

  1. errrrr….ACLARACIÓN: no me refiero a las hembras del zorro, me refiero a las zorras de dos patas…dos pechos…dos caras (hipócritas aparte…), tu sábes…esas que íbamos a sodomizar algún día…;)


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