CSS Layout Finished! (It works even in IE!)

At least! I Finally came to a solution to a design of a web site layout, which a well known, ugly, horrible, not standards-compliant, god-damn (but unfortunately the most popular and used) Internet Browser just refused to display correctly.

Another reason for me to urge you to switch now to Firefox. Firefox is an open source browser, with the ‘ability’ to display web content as it is supposed to be (as the W3C International Standards group recommends, yes, that non-lucrative organization directed by Tim Berners Lee). And you can customize your Firefox with different skins and plugins, and add tons and tons of functionality to your web experience.

That and because Yoda says so.

Anyway I am proud of having this thing achieved, (almost) all by myself, hehe. I had to use some cheap-tricks on my CSS to make it work for IE (hate it!), but it was the only way, you always need to hack down IE (hate it more!). If you’d like to find out what I’m talking about you can check out the ALAP site, with different browsers and let me know what you think…


2 comentarios en “CSS Layout Finished! (It works even in IE!)

  1. ¿y quién es Yoda?…¿quién es Lozbo?, ¿quién es Vladisnosequémadres?, ¿¡dónde estoooooooy!?, ¿por que me habéis abandonado?, ¿por qué chingados no puedo dejar de estar triste todo el puto día?, ¿por qué no me puedo dormir?, ¿por qué estoy tan pinche gordo?, ¿por qué estoy tan pinche feo?, ¿por qué a mi no me pelan las viejas?, 😦 ¿por qué chingados tengo tanta orzuela?, ¿qué chingados es la orzuela?………….ah, perdón güey, yo pensé que era el blog de las respuestas a las preguntas existenciales de Vladislav….jejejejejejejee


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