All set: TOEFL

Test of English as a Foreign Language. Tomorrow I shall take this test and afterwards I’ll be able to continue my application to the University of Westminster, where I’d like to study a Master.

I have not studied, nor made any formal practice nor anything, yet I hope and pray that everything goes well. In fact, I am not taking the International test, which I think is what I need, but in its stead, I am applying for the Institutional one. The thing is that I need to take a test as fast as I can in order to progress with the application (which requires a formal way of proving my english level), and then, the scholarship.

“So let it be written, so let it be done…”

Yeah, tomorrow at eleven o clock: (as I like to call it) the TOFLE.


7 comentarios en “All set: TOEFL

  1. Done. I’ve just returned from the test, and did very well. The test itself was all that I expected; most of it nice and easy, but there was mmm let’s say, ten percent of it which got me unprepared. Anyway results are not instantaneous, they’ll be ready two weeks from now, or something.
    So application (to the UK University) is still pending…

  2. Well I have been told that the maximum grade you can get in this institutional test is: 677 points, of which my brother got 610… let’s see if I can beat him (he didn’t study either).

  3. pues es el institucional ese es fácil de k te preocupas cabron.. el otro el computer based test internacional esta ams dificl o en su defecto el IELTS estas seguro k t elo hacen válido averigua bien simplemente ve el precio de cuanto te cotos normalmente cuesta mil baros pokillo mas o 2 mil no recuerdo y tienes k ahcer un ensayo para el cual tienes media hora este te costo menos de 500 es mas creo k 350 no? mi hermano también lo hizo y sólo tiene validez en méxico a lo k se

  4. God damn those tests… I’ll keep your wise advice in mind my friend, oh yes I surely will! The only issue is that I’m so darn lazy, I leave everything to the last minute… I called ‘em today and the results are not yet ready. I just wish I was like a Wizard, a powerful spell-caster to enchant everyone down my evil whims.

  5. U took a test? such important test and said nothing, not a word about it…someone’s gotta work on his communication skiiiiiills. Anyhow, Im sure u did marvelous dont u worry about it.

  6. Pues todavía no sé si me vaya a ir, la neta… hahaha oye nikita no había visto tu comentario… Ya fui a hacer mi examen hace como un año y ya me dieron el resultado 613 sobre 677, pero I still ignore the future of my deeds…


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