Posada Estrada Out Now!

We’ve recently just opened up a partner blog at posadaestrada dot wordpress. ‘Tis just more nonsense. But this time, I added some pals to the formula and it gets even worse. Well I don’t know what else to say. Do drop by if you own enough time to dive into the realm of chaotic stupidity and untidy concepts from beyond sanity.

Just jokin’: do not enter it, though Posada Estrada does welcome you any time, we do not wish to grant you access, and we do forbid any outlander to pay heed to this announcement, which means you are banned forever, and ever… forever and ever!! Muhahahahaha…

…Never mind.


3 comentarios en “Posada Estrada Out Now!

  1. As you can see, the madness has already begun, and its taking it’s toll on me.

    Anyway, if you DO decide to enter, know that you do so on your own risk. Be warned that strong vocabulary is at use at posada estrada.


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