What You Want…

I was thinking the other day… well I don’t really remember what but I came to a conclusion that sounded really interesting, elegant, intelligent and even poetic…

“Do not think in what can you do with the given tools, but first realize What You Want and then set out a plan to achieve it…”

Oh yes… I was wondering, astraying into the void with thoughts of programming languages, scripts, programs and computer software and stuff…


9 comentarios en “What You Want…

  1. Hahahaha hello Nikita! I never thought some one would come to this page! Actually, I have not given the address to anyone hehe. Well just you and mmm don’t remember who else….

    Yeah hahaha if you send me the pic I would post it immediatly =P

  2. ¿qué chingados te fumas güey?…(¿será bueno para la “depresión”?), móchate culero…¿quién es la mentada Nikkita?…sí ya sé que no me importa…


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