Monarch Spiders

Crazy Butterflies

We went to the Monarch Butterflies Sanctuary, and came back alive to tell the story. It has been told that one of those insects has enough poison to kill thirteen horses. Oh yes, indeed, beware the sanctuary.

It’s a dangerous road ahead, thousands of miles to get up the mountain to see those Monarch spiders get laid and get stuck like powerful magnets into the huge leafy and thriving trees of this bug haven.

To Morelia
Road Ahead

It’s not worth, damn spiders, almost got me slain. Anyway, Juan the coast guard told us they are actually poisonous, but only to their natural predators, some crazy birds or something. But who knows, he was crazy too (what is a coast guard doing in a forest anyway).

Clash of Nature

8 comentarios en “Monarch Spiders

  1. Was?? bist du verrückt oder? Die Königen Schmetterlinge sind giftlos… aber einmal habe ich gehört dass man kann drei elefanten, sechs Kamele und einen Affe mit ein einzige schlag töten. allerdings ich glaube Juan des Walds und dich hatten einen äußersten Rausch, vielleicht ihn betrunken werden… wenn Joda sagts immer die Wahlheit.

  2. yes yes whatever u say noob. nice pics pa, i bet u were drunk and misunderstood poor juan. but who cares about juan when u had the opportunity to see monarch spiders or whatever u call them. and by the way who’s swe2? and by the way happy belated valentine’s everybody!

  3. hahahaha Hey daughty! BTW Noob is Juliet, i mean Julian. And duh! no! I was not drunk. I never misunderstand anybody. Well I dont really remember, I might have been a little bit drunk, but that is not the point.

    Emm, i believe swe2 is an unknown person who was randomly checking blogs, and just wrote nonesense.

    My digits are (hey, should I publish them to the web?, well i rather not hehe)…


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